Where to buy long floating shelves

Even though floating shelves are popular, it seems like people are finding it hard to find specific types of shelves. One such model are the long floating shelves. Short floating shelves are common but if you want something that is really long, you typically have to DIY or custom made. Hence, I put together this resource post to show you where to buy long floating shelves.

Length Summary:

Model 1: 21 5/8″

Model 2: 45 1/4″

Model 3: 60″


#1: Long black floating shelf on Amazon

where to buy long floating shelves 1

where to buy long floating shelves 2

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This is one of the best choices that you can purchase from Amazon. Not only is it very affordable, but it has receive great reviews from actual customers who have bought it. Its length is about half of of a living room two seater. You can better judge its length through the image above.  This shelf is the shorter version above. The longer version is model #2.

This floating shelf is perfect for displaying photos or other small decorations without the need to nail them.


#2:  Ikea long floating shelf

where to buy long floating shelves 3

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This is  a longer floating shelf that covers at least a two seater sofa. You can see the actual shelf on the image above as well as under model #1 (see the longer shelf).  Again, it is great for displaying photo frames and small decor items but not so good for books. If you are looking for floating shelf to display books, you might want to read this:  where to buy invisible bookshelf


#3: Longest floating shelf

where to buy long floating shelves 4

Click here to see the listing on Etsy

This was the longest floating shelf for sale that I can find. However, it is not manufactured by any big brand. Instead, this is a custom handmade shelf that you can buy off Etsy.com, which is like a marketplace for handmade products. The downside is that it can be quite pricey as these shelves do not enjoy any economics of scale in terms of production.


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