Where to buy cheap floating shelves

Despite all the nice floating shelves ideas (check out out bedroom floating shelves ideas and bathroom floating shelves ideas) that have been showcased on this site, there is still a common problem faced by many readers. Specifically, they want to know where to buy cheap floating shelves. At the end of the day, budget still plays an important role in any home decor project and I can’t blame folks who are searching for inexpensive floating shelves as alternatives to the designer pieces that have been displayed here.

To solve this problem, here are a couple of solutions you can consider:


#1: DIY your own floating shelves

Floating shelves can be complicated or simple. It all depends on your needs. For the most basic, all you need are some wooden planks that can be mounted on the wall to form your own floating shelves ledges. If you need more detailed tutorials, check out this article on 4 DIY rustic floating shelves tutorials.


#2:  Comparison engines

floating shelves comparison

Another simple way to find cheap floating shelves is to use a shopping comparison engine such as Google Products. In one glance, you can see which online retailer is offering you the best floating shelves for your money. I have attached a screenshot below to show you how a comparison engine will look like. It is simple to use and works like any other search. You can even filter the results by prices and retailers as shown on the left hand side of the screenshot.


#3: Take advantage of cashback

There are many online retailers now offering cashback for your online purchases. Look for those that offer cash back for Amazon purchases as it is already one of the most competitive online stores selling floating shelves. For examples, ebates.com is one example. With cash back in place, it is possible to buy inexpensive floating shelves for less than $20 on Amazon..

Here is one example. You can find lots more by clicking on the link or image below. .

Click here to buy from Amazon


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