Where do to buy invisible bookshelf

Have you ever seen those invisible bookshelf or bookends? It is really cool to see the effect in person as the books seem to be floating in the air without any kind of support. I was fascinated by this effect and spent to track down where do buy invisible bookshelf. It turns out that Umbra is the manufacturer behind these invisible bookshelves and they can be purchased at any online stores. My favorite is of course to buy from Amazon because they offer the best prices and free shipping (if you qualify under their terms and conditions).

Here are of the different models that you can consider:

Umbra conceal L shaped invisible bookshelf

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One of the more visually interesting invisible bookshelf that you can find on the market.  It features a nice curved floating shelf design that fits very nicely into a modern home. This is a patent pending design by miron lior so you would be able to buy it from any other manufacturers. One to check out.


Large invisible bookshelf

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For those looking for something larger that can hold more books, this large Lshaped invisible bookshelf will be the thing. Designed to hold up to 14 lbs of books, it supports almost twice the weight of the normal concealed bookends by Umbra. Price wise, there is not much increase so it makes economic sense for you to buy this large invisible bookshelf if you have many books to stack and store.


Double invisible bookshelf

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 This is a double invisible bookshelf design to hold double the books. If you place these side by side, you can carry a row of ‘floating’ books that will surely wow your visitors.  So far, people who purchased this have given it solid reviews so I am sure it is great product for your home.



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