Wall decor using floating shelves

The first article on this site is about 10 floating shelves decor ideas. Since then, I have come across plenty of other decor ideas that looks great and blends in well with the overall theme of the room. If you like the original article, consider this a sequel to it.  The ideas might be the same but the execution has more variety.


#Idea 1: Floating shelves as wall decorations

wall decor floating shelves 1

Who says floating shelves have to be boring. This beautiful design from Etsy makes your floating shelves the center piece of the room. With such designs, you have no problems showing it off to your home visitors. It also provides plenty of storage with its large frames.


#Idea 2: Colorful floating shelves

wall decor floating shelves 2

Be experimental and go for colorful floating shelves instead of the usual monotone and wooden colors. The image above shows how adding colors to your walls through these shelves can create a vibrant and energetic feel.


#Idea 3: Corner floating shelves

wall decor floating shelves 3

Here is a unique idea on how to put up a corner floating shelves. By using the normal floating shelves together with the corner shelves, it creates a 3D effect that is rather unique. This kind of setting is best for rooms that have plenty of unused corner space.



#Idea 4: Another corner floating shelves idea

wall decor floating shelves 4

This is another way to make use of your corner space. Using just the traditional floating shelves but arranged in a rather unique way, it create a nice visual effect in the home that is different from how shelves are usually displayed.


#Idea 5:  Modular floating shelves

wall decor floating shelves 5

Most floating shelves are straight and flat. How about, changing them to modular design such as the one showcased above. It does take up more space but it is unique and looks more modern that your typical shelves. This design is from Etsy, which is a marketplace for homemade products.



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