Vintage floating shelf ideas

Vintage floating shelves have a charm that is missing from modern floating shelf design.  However, don’t think them as simply old fashion and predictable. There are lots of different vintage designs and ideas that you can implement in your home. In fact, if you do a great job, they might even attract more attention than your modern floating shelves!

#1: Vintage suitcases as floating shelves

Talk about creative. This vintage suitcase floating shelves is a very unique way of displaying your items on a wall. The use of various vintage suitcases with different colors create a wonderful feeling of retro and warm. Perfect for a home who wants something different and away from the modern decorate theme.


#2: Vintage wood floating shelf

Using wood as the materials for your floating shelves immediately increases the feeling of vintage in the home. Nothing is more classic than solid wood with beautiful grain lines, such as the one shown above. If you want to inject some sense of modernity into your home without ruining the vintage feel, you can use a modern wall color to balance off the 2 elements.

#3: Vintage signage as floating shelf

Using signage as floating shelf brings a different kind of vintage feel to your home. It brings back the good old days of close relationships where everyone knew each other by name. Anyway, you can be creative with this concept by engraving different kinds of message on the shelves to make them more personalised.

#4: Striped or polka dots floating shelf

A trademark of the 60s and 70s were the use of stripes and polka dots as decorative designs for the interiors. To bring back such feelings, you can consider having some elements of stripes or polka dots in your floating shelves. In the example above, you can have the stripes at the back of the shelf so that the visual impact is not as strong as covering everything in stripes.


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