Triangle floating shelves ideas to decor your room

Triangle floating shelves is an interesting decor item to have on your walls. They are different from the usual floating shelves and presents an opportunity to create a unique decor for your room. If you lacked ideas, this article will present several interesting themes for you to copy and modify.


#1: Triangle floating shelves as wall decor

triangle floating shelves arrangement ideas.png

This is a great example of how triangle floating shelves can be used to create a unique wall art centerpiece. The uniqueness comes from the irregular arrangement that is made available by the triangular shape. Sometimes, it is worth taking a risk by not arranging the shelves in a systematic way. Indeed, the irregular arrangements makes the whole centerpiece more attention grabbing than it would otherwise.


#2: Triangle corner floating shelves

corner triangle floating shelves

Another way to use triangle floating shelve is to use them for corners. Such corner shelves are one of the best way to tap into the usually unused corner space. With this simple arrangement, you can now used the corners to shelves books and such and even to place small decorative items.  If you used the normal floating shelves, you will need two pieces to form the shape needed to replace this triangle floating shelves.


#3: Triangle floating shelves as bookshelves

triangle floating shelves as bookshelves

In an earlier article, I have created a list of 10 floating shelves for books. Now, I can add this to the list. While using triangle floating shelves to store bookshelves is not the most space efficient way (as you can see above), it does create a more unique bookshelf than the traditional shelves. In fact, if you see the image carefully, the triangle floating shelves can even to be used as nightstands.


#4: Alternate triangle floating shelves arrangement

triangle floating shelves arrangement

Presented here is a different kind of arrangement using triangular floating shelves.  It is a cool arrangement that is different form what has been presented below.  This is more ideally for a wall art, rather than an actual storage arrangement. Nevertheless, it still look unique and is worth a consideration for your home decor needs.


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