8 small floating wall desk to buy

After countless articles on floating shelf, it is time to venture out to profile some other floating furniture items. In fact, I think floating furniture will be becoming more popular as houses become smaller and there is a need to take advantage of as much available space as possible. The wall represent an untap hidden storage area that can be used to create different living solutions. In today’s article, we will be looking at modern floating wall desk for small houses or small walls.


#1: White small floating wall desk

small floating wall desk 1

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A very simple and elegant solution for folks looking to install a floating desk on their walls.  Not only can it function as a desk, there is also plenty of storage space for you to store your books, electronic devices, speakers etc. This product is so popular that it has receive a 4.5 star out of 5 from a total of 322 reviews.


#2: Small wooden floating desk

small floating wall desk 2

If you want something that is really sleek, this is a great model to consider. The best thing I like is their compartmentalize design which can keep things more organized and neat.


#3: Minimalist floating desk

small floating wall desk 3

A down to table and basic design. It is quiet and functions extremely well for a small floating wall desk.  The sliding cover for the keyboard helps to keep them looking neat and tidy when the desk is not in use.


#4: Futurist floating wall desk

small floating wall desk 4

Among all the designs covered in today’s article, this small floating desk has the most futuristic design. Its unusual curve and minimalist design makes it stand out from what we have seen so far.


#5: Floating desk with drawer

small floating wall desk 5

Sometimes, you may want a desk drawer just to keep the stuff out of sight. Unfortunately,  not all floating desk have this function. This particular model does. The fact that it looks absolutely gorgeous doesn’t hurt as well.


#6: Elegant floating wall desk

small floating wall desk 6

It is small. It is elegant. It is something you can definitely put in a small house if you have the budget. Beyond that. there is nothing much else to say besides that.


#7:  Floating desk with modular cubes

small floating wall desk 7

I always like the idea of floating storage cubes. This design take the storage cube idea and merge it with a floating desk. The end result is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that will help you to create more storage space while providing a  solid working desk.


#8: Rustic floating wall shelf

small floating wall desk 8

If you love some rustic feel to your home, this is a great piece of furniture that will do so. The floating shelf comes with a small opening lid that acts as the table for your laptop. Functional and vintage. Cool!

Editor note: if you like rustic, check out our coverage on rustic floating shelves.


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