Rustic floating shelves – 4 designs you can either buy or DIY

Rustic design is making a comeback in the current home and decor climate.  It is a cool element to add to a home as it brings in a touch of countryside feel to a modern look.  You can either DIY or you can know where to buy these rustic floating shelves. In truth, they are not common to find in your local furniture store as it is best to buy them online.

In the below article, I have showcased some beautiful rustic floating shelves for you to refer to. In relevant cases, I will also point out where you can buy them online.


#1: Amazon rustic floating shelf

amazon rustic floating shelf

This might not be the most amazing rustic floating shelf but it can be easily purchased from Amazon at a very low cost. It measures 12″ W x 3.5″ D x 2″ H and is made of solid pinewood for that beautiful finish. Click here to see more pricing information from Amazon.


#2: Homemade rustic floating shelf

rustic floating wall shelves 2

This beautiful piece of handy work is made by a seller on, which is a marketplace for handmade goods.  She specialises in rustic furniture and is worth a look. You can check out her store on Etsy here.


#3: DIY rustic floating shelf

DIY rustic floating wall shelves

This is a great tutorial on how to make your own DIY rustic floating shelf. There is plenty of images and instructions so it is perfectly useful for those who want to get their hands dirty. You can see the end product in the image above. Very rustic but modern as well.  See the full tutorial here.


#4:  Modern rustic floating shelf

rustic floating wall shelves 3

Again, a very nicely designed rustic floating shelf that has a strong modern vibe to it. This is also available for one of the etsy sellers who calls by the username GreenHouseFraming. You can contact the person to see if this model is still available for your online purchase.




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