Office floating desk designs

A floating office desk can help to save space as well as giving the entire place a more contemporary feel.  When building such a space in your office or home, take note that you need to build in a lot of storage space since the traditional storage area under the desk is gone. Most of the time, the storage space will be wall mounted to take advantage of the ample wall space that is usually under utilized. Below are some examples of how to build a floating office desk area.


Wall mounted office desk with storage

I liked this floating desk arrangement for a couple of things. First, it uses a corner of the home and fully uilised the space that will most likely be underused. Second, there is plenty of floating shelves for wall mounted storage. That is a good use of the high ceiling.  Third, the floating desk should be stretched across the room to make full use of the length of the space, which is what the above has done.


Modern office floating desk

For folks who want a more modern design, this floating office desk has one of the most unique that I have seen. The structure is odd and looks like a modern art piece from a far.  To hold such a unique floating desk up, it actually needs to be screwed at various places to the wall and floor. This takes up quite a bit of space and is not really suitable for a small home.


Office floating desk for small spaces

If you have small spaces, then this floating desk design will be what you need. Designed by a DIY enthusiast, it makes full use of the wall space without imposing too much space usage on the floor. There is even a hidden drawer layer to put in stuff like files and magazines. Although the set up here is more for arts and craft, you can image how it looks as a home office desk.



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