Office equipment for a small home office

One of the big use of buying a floating desk is to create a small home office in your room that doesn’t take up much space. Since that is the objective, it makes senses to do an article highlighting what other office equipment you might need when setting up a small home office. The keyword here is of course space saving. The information here is for those who can’t afford too much space but wants everything essential fitted nicely into a small floating desk and floating shelves.


#1: Buy a thinnest laptop in the world: Dell XPS 13 2015

Thinnest laptop in the world

A computer or laptop is probably the biggest item on the floating desk. Hence, you want to make sure your laptop is going to take up as less space as possible to make room for other office equipment. Currently, the thinnest laptop is probably the Dell XPS 13 2015 version. It occupies the space of a 11 inch laptop but offers the screen size and capaibility of an 13 inch model. The horse power matches its sleek and space saving design perfectly. Best of all, it is one of the cheapest thin laptop in the market, with a price range of probably of USD1000 or less.


#2: Buy the smallest printer in the world

Smallest printer in the world

Besides the laptop, another piece of office equipment that you want to have the smallest version of is the printer.  One recommendation is the PlanOn Printstik, which is an incredibly slick piece of printing equipment you will want on your small floating desk. Weighing just down one pound, it is the perfect companion to your thinnest laptop. Retailing at around USD300, it is a space saving office equipment you will want to buy.


Smallest 3 in 1 printer

Smallest 3 in 1 printer

If you need your printer to go beyond printing, then the HP Officejet mobile printer will be your best bet. It is one of the top rated smallest 3 in 1 printer you can find on the market. With printing, scanning and copying all roll into one tiny package, it is a great choice for any small home office. It weighs the lightest in its category as well as having the shortest height and width. The only downside is that it can’t do automatic duplexing.


Floating shelves for books

sleek floating bookshelf

I don’t know about you but for me, it is normal to have some reference books in my office. They can be practical books such as business account and taxation or inspirational kind of stories that motivate me to go forward. Whatever the reasons, you might a place to store those books and there is no better choices than to have a floating shelf about your desk. In fact, I have an article on the 10 floating shelves ideas for books that you might want to refer to.


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