Modular floating shelf systems that are good looking

I loved modular floating shelves for their ability to be mix and match. This allows you to exercise your creativity and decorate your wall not spectacular wall designs.  If you are lacking ideas, here are some suggestions on how to make your modular floating shelves work for your home.


Idea #1: Continuous floating shelf system

A simple idea is to have a modular floating shelf system that is continuous as shown in the image above. This can create a wonderful designer look by curving your floating shelf to form S or U shapes. It is a simple and easy way to achieve good looks without spending a bomb on the design.


Idea 2: String floating shelf modular system

A rather unique kind of modular shelf system. Rather than wall mounting the shelves, strings are used to hang them by the ceiling. This concept is refreshing and adds a lot of uniqueness to your wall. It comes in different shelf sizes so that you can mix and match the system to your preference.


Idea 3: Fill the whole wall

This white modular floating shelf comes with enough shelves to fill the entire wall. If used correctly, it can turn your entire wall into a piece of art! The main attractive of this MDF Italia  design is its flexibility. Home owners can chose how and where they want each individual shelf to go to. You can create different heights and spacing to create the ideal storage for your home.


Idea #4: 3D modular floating shelf

A current interior design trend is to have a more 3D feel to your home. This can be achieved by using furniture that is protruding like the floating shelves shown above. You can buy a couple of these and assemble them in different ways to create unique wall design that suit the general mood of your home. Each modular floating shelf is not too expensive so that you can afford to buy quite a few of them for your entire wall.


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