Modern white floating shelves that will make you drool

You might not know it but white floating shelf is the most desired color. I took a look at Google trends and saw that there are more people searching for white floating shelves compared to other colors such as black, red, grey etc. This is why we are doing this article to let you see some unique and cool white floating shelves.


#1: Small modern floating shelf

white modern shelf for small accessories

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This is a super practical floating shelf for you to place your small accessories such as keys, handphones etc. Moreover, the price is less than $20 so it is super cheap to buy. Anyway, 112 positive reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong.


#2: White U shaped floating shelf

white modern u shaped shelf

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 These 3 set of U shape floating shelf makes for an elegant piece of shelving design. They come in different sizes and are able to hold things ranging from vases to books. A great flexible design for any home.


 #3:Modern white floating shelf

This rather interesting white floating shelf design is created by Dalcon. It is meant to be a floating shelf for tv consoles. As you can seen from the image above, not only can you place a TV in the centre of the shelf, there are other compartments where you can place other things such as DVD player, game consoles, cable box etc.


#4: Square white floating shelf

If you want a more 3D look for your wall, then this square white floating shelves can create such an effect. Their protruding design also allows more storage space to be created.


These modular floating shelves have the same 3D effect as the square floating shelves. The only difference lies in their shape. Modular shelves tend to have curves, thus making them more sleek and their square counterparts.


#5: White tree floating shelf

This is a beautiful piece of tree shelf design that has a mixture of white and greyish blue color. The lines are curved to to emphasis a more modern look.  If you are looking for something unique, this is a great piece of furniture to consider.


 #6: White floating shelves for office

Having a white floating shelf above the working desk is a more way to create more storage space for either a home office or at the company office. Since these are used to typically store and organizer items such as files, it is good to buy white floating shelves with doors so that these files are not visible to all.


#7:  Unique white floating shelf

For a more unique type of white floating shelf, you can do no wrong with this double S shaped design. Whether it is for your living room or bedroom, it is a beautiful designed floating shelf that will surely impress your visitors.


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