Modern black floating desk ideas

Black is a well loved color by home owners. They create a sense of sophistication and modernity in your rooms while allowing you the freedom to experiment with other loud colors. It is little wonder that black floating desk is commonly search for when people are looking for wall mounted desk to save space.  In this article, we are featuring some cool looking floating desk ideas that deal exclusively in black color.


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#1:  Dark colored floating desk on grey wall

black floating desk idea 1

While not exactly black, I have to showcase this decor idea because dark colored floating desk on a gray wall looks so cool and modern.  The textured wall gives the whole room a 3D feel and makes the room comes alive. Highly recommend decor idea to copy.


#2: Minimalist black floating desk

black floating desk idea 2

Nothing beats a having a minimalist floating desk like the above sitting in your room to draw conversations and attention from your visitors. The sexy curves add to the design of the desk, which is comfortable to hold a laptop and some small items. If you want more ideas on small floating desk, click on  the link to read our previous article on the topic.


#3: Black and white floating desk

black floating desk idea 3

Why settle for a monotone color when you can experiment with dual color items such as this black and white floating desk. The black section not only adds to the color and also contains a hidden storage section to hide all the small items to avoid cluttering the table.


#4: White floating desk on black wall

black floating desk idea 4

If you really can’t find a suitable black floating desk, another idea is to flip the concept and have a white floating desk with a black background. The image show how this can be done in a way that still brings out the coolness of the black color without you needing to find a black floating desk. Notice how the black wall helps to accentuate the brightness of the orange chair and drawer?


#5: Black floating desk with floating shelves

black floating desk idea 5

A nice combination of black floating shelves with a long floating desk. The thin shelves and desk elongates the rooms and creates a feeling of specious. If you have a small room, doing this will suddenly make it look longer than it actually is.


#6: Color decor with black floating desk

black floating desk idea 6

This is a fun take on the black floating desk idea. While the desk is monotone in color, the rest of decor including the accessories, lamps and chair are all decked out in bright colors to create a playful look for what looks like a student’s room. It is bold and modern.


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