Floating shelves ideas for the bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most ideal place to use floating shelves since we don’t usually get too much floor space in this area. I think my apartment is exception because it boasts 2 large toilets. I kid you not when I say I can literally sleep in my bathrom. It is that BIG!

Anyway, the point of this article is to showcase some really nice floating shelves design as well as different ideas on how to decorate with them in your bathroom. Since this is the beginning of 2015, let’s try to change our stagnant bathroom design.


#1: Floating shelves above toilet seat

floating shelves ideas for bathroom 1

The most underutilized space in the bathroom is probably the area above the toilet seat. In this space, you can multiple floating shelves to create plenty of storage to hold all the toiletries and other stuff.


#2: Floating sink and shelves combo

floating shelves ideas for bathroom 2

This combo is a perfect way to get stuff off the floor and create more walking space. The floating sink and shelves matches each other perfectly and forms a nice decorative set in your bathroom.


 #3:  Corner floating shelves for bathroom

floating shelves ideas for bathroom 3

Corner floating glass shelves are a great way to use those hard to reach corners. They are typically used to hold smaller items as most corner floating shelves can’t support too much weight.


#4:  Small bathroom floating shelves

floating shelves ideas for bathroom 4

This particular pictures shows how you can use multiple small floating shelves to create stack up storage along the whole wall. The end results looks pretty cool, not to mention the amount of storage this kind of arrangement can create.


#5: Floating shelves beside mirror

floating shelves ideas for bathroom 5

Another place to install the floating shelves is on the wall beside the mirror. Using that space, the floating shelves can then be used to hold lots of toiletries or make up items that are needed by the woman of the house.


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