Floating shelves for cats!

I was surprised when I found that people were actually using floating shelves for cats. I am not ridding. When I research on Google Image, I actually saw many pictures posted of cats sitting on cool floating shelves.  Maybe cats love to climb the shelves or they are a good form of exercises for them. Whatever the reason, I think you will love these images.  For one thing, they are really funny to look at. If you have cats, you might want to see these pictures and consider whether you want to buy floating shelf for cats!

The floating shelves are covered with soft materials for the cats to lie on. Talk about comfort!

Don’t the cats look like art pieces when they sit on the floating shelves like that?

Seems like floating shelves makes for good territory divide for cats!

Don’t they look super cute when they let theirs paws hang like that?

Cats love jumping from one floating shelf to another


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