Floating shelves as nightstand

Due to their flexibility, floating shelves can be used for many different functions. One of them is to use floating shelves as nightstands.  Using them in this way help to reduce the floor space clutter. In normal cases, you will need to use some form of side tables as nightstands.  This takes up valuable floor space and also might make the room feel less modern. Below are 3 easy ideas of how to use floating shelves as nightstand.


Idea 1: Use floating shelf with hidden drawers

We have already featured floating shelves with hidden drawers. You can use the same concept but apply them beside your bed. The hidden drawer will make it less clutter when everything is hidden from sight.  In the image above, the color white was used to match with the wall color and the bed.


Idea 2:  Simple floating shelf as nightstand

If you can keep everything simple, all you need to do is to add 2 floating shelf at the side of your bed, like what is shown above. This is very easy to do but the result looks great. You can also add a wall mounted mirror along side the floating shelf to make it a more complete nightstand.


#3:  Install floating shelf  along wall of the bed

Another simple concept to install the floating shelves in the usual manner, but make it beside the bed. This not only act as decorative shelves for the bedroom but also allow the lower shelves to be used as nightstand.  The image above doesn’t show this concept very well but what you can do is to extend the floating shelf longer to make them more suitable as nightstand.


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