4 floating shelf with hidden storage

Hidden storage is becoming a new trend in home and decor. As our apartments get smaller and smaller in response to the tiny house movement as well increasing prices, it is important to undercover places where hidden storage can be created. One such place is in your floating shelf.  In this article, we will take a look at some cool floating shelf with hidden storage. If you need more inspiration, I suggest you visit hiddenstorage.org and read articles like this headboards with hidden storage.


#1: Minimalist floating shelf with storage

floating shelf with hidden storage 1

This clean looking floating shelf is from mocha.uk.com. It has a hidden drawer that can be used to keep small stuff such as keychains, letters and other small accessories. When closed, it has a sleek overall appearance that doesn’t


#2:  Floating shelf with open and hidden storage

floating shelf with hidden storage 2

I liked this design for the fact that you have both an display storage and a hidden storage. The display component can be used for photo frames, comics, kids drawings etc while the non displayed items can be kept at the hidden drawer.  You can use your floating shelf as a lamp table.


#3: Nightstand floating shelf with hidden storage

floating shelf with hidden storage 3

I covered the idea of floating shelf as nightstand before.  In this example, the added element of a wooden vase that matches the material of the floating shelf makes the whole item more coherent.  This is another item that you can buy from mocha.uk.com.


#4: Sleek floating shelf with hidden storage

floating shelf with hidden storage 4

This is a really sleek piece of floating shelf, not unlike the one I covered in floating shelf with hidden drawer. If you want to learn how to DIY your floating shelf, click on the link and follow the tutorial which I have highlighted in that article.


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