Floating desk buying guide

After reviewing tens of floating desk, I have developed a sense of what to look out for when doing a purchase of this item. In this article, I will sharing some of the more important things to look out that easy easily overlooked, especially when you are a first time buyer. Things like dimensions and colors are what buyer tend to ask but there are a few other details you should consider to avoid any purchase regret due to oversight.


#1: Weight that can be support

Most floating desks are meant to be used as an office desk so the minimal weight it should support is a laptop, a printer and even some documents. The floating desk I recommended here can definitely bear this weight but to check it out yourself. The safest way is to find the total weight of your computer equipment and check against the floating desk’s weight support.


#2: Dimensions from wall to edge of desk

Most floating desks are meant for small rooms or apartments where space is limited. Since that is the case, it is advisable to check the length from the wall to the edge of the desk to see if it is something that will obstruct any movement. Most floating desks cannot be folded or pay attention to this particular dimension is important.  Avoid ones that stick out too far.

#3: Holes in the desk

Since you will be using computer equipment, it means you will need power. Check that the floating desk you are interested in has a hole for the wires to go through. Without it, your desk will be messy and cluttered due to the wiring.

#4: Check for wall studs or anchors in your home

Since the floating desk is mainly supported by screws, it is important that you mounted against the wall studs of your wall to avoid future damage to the wall due to the desk’s weight. If you are living in a mobile home, this is critical as most mobile home does not have the necessary support for the floating desk’s weight.




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