Decor tips for your floating shelves ideas

More than 50 floating shelves ideas are available in this section where we showcase beautiful floating shelves designs as well as recommending some solid models to buy. Floating shelves in general are getting more popular because the are space saving which is a godsend for small apartments or spaces.

To use floating shelves effectively, here are some interior decor tips that you might want to be bear in mind before making buying any floating shelves or doing any installation work.

Tip #1: Find the right space

Even though all floating shelves are space saving, finding the right spot can make a lot of difference to the overall feel of your room. Don’t place it in awkward places that will get in the way of your normal routines.
Protip: To make the best of these shelves, try buying some corner floating shelves to use those hard to use corner spaces.


Tip #2: Color matching

Like all furniture items, make sure your floating shelves align to the color theme of your room. There are two ways to do this. The safe way is to use matching colors i.e. sofa and shelves have the same color. The more adventurous approach is to use a striking color such that the floating shelves become the center of attraction. In terms of selection, most floating shelves are in white, black or wooden colors. For more colorful options, check out this article on colorful floating shelves.


Tip #3: Determine the storage capacity you want

Different models of floating shelves have different storage capacity as well as weight limits. Make sure you know what you want before even doing any shopping. For example, if you simply want a display shelf, you can go for floating ledge shelves that wouldn’t cost a lot and take up much space. However, if you need a heavy duty storage unit, you will need to go for those floating shelves with strong weight limits and multiple storage slots.


Tip #4: Understand the different styles

Floating shelves come in different favors. We have already featured a number of them such as vintage floating shelves, rustic floating shelves, modern floating shelves et al. Choose the style that matches your overall decor theme and you wouldn’t go wrong.


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