Curved floating shelf – 5 cool design ideas

Curved floating shelves add a more contemporary feel to a home. They are most used in houses where the owners wanted a modern design. In response, the market has seen a number of innovative curbed floating shelves of which the most famous is the bookworm bookshelf which we have already featured in this article on floating shelf for books.  Below are a couple of additional designs that we have found on the Web.

#1: Curved bookshelf by Perfekte Velle

A lovely design by Perfekte Velle. Perfect for a study room or kids room. The curve on the floating shelf exhibits a sexy look that resembles the bookworm bookshelf that was mentioned above.

#2: Perfekte Velle curved shelf alternate arrangement

This is the same curved shelf exhibited above but is arranged different. This arrangement is more usually and attracts the eye for a second look. The downside is the limited storage space that such an arrangement has, relative to the first image shown above.


#3: Curved floating shelf for cats

We have previously covered floating shelves for cats. Here is another option that you can consider. These cat floating shelves are more curvy and brings a sense of sophistication to these type of cat toys.


#4: Curved tree shelf

Designed by Russian designer Maria Yasko, this beautiful floating shelf is a combination of function and art. Resembling the Japanese wall art, the two tone color adds to the beauty of the design and makes for a great visual piece on your wall.


#5: Curved floating wall art

Looking more like a piece of wall art than bookshelf, this design by T. Colzani weaves a complex structure of waves and curves to bring the beautiful sense of wonder. There are a number of options that one can choose from: the single line waves to spherical curves as shown in the image above.


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