Cool floating shelf with hidden drawer

With the focus on minimalism decoration for our modern home, it is become trendy for furniture to turn invisible. Even for floating shelves, we are beginning to see the same trend manifest itself. In our previous on 10 floating shelf decorating ideas, we have mentioned the invisble floating shelf by Umbra. Today, we will introduce a new invisible kind of design: floating shelf that has a hidden drawer.

Created by Torafu Architects, this floating shelf comes with a sleek hidden drawer that is mostly invisible until you actually pull the drawer out.  The interior of the drawer is actually made from aluminum but the designers used a wooden veneer to make the entire floating shelf looks likes it is from the same material.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this from any stores yet as this floating shelf with hidden drawer is a custom design. I am sure in the near future, such designs will become mass market as manufacturers discovered the demand for such a design. In the meanwhile, you can either hire a contractor to help build one for you or you can go the DIY route.


Buy wall shelf with hidden drawers

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If you want something that is more off the shelf and is affordable, this beautiful wall mounted shelf with hidden drawers fron Amazon will be what you are looking for.  Normally, this will sell for over USD400 but now, Amazon is offering a 50% discount off this item at only USD200++. This is the perfect time to buy this floating shelf with hidden drawer as you can’t find a better price for it.


How to make a floating shelf with hidden drawer

For those DIY folks, I managed to discover a tutorial that teaches you how to create your hidden drawer floating shelf.

Here is the link to the tutorial:

Have fun!


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