Colorful floating shelves

Most wall decorations stick to monotone colors such as white or black for fear of getting the colors wrong. In this article, we will how floating shelf can be used on colorful walls to bring their unique shapes and designs.

White floating shelf on red walls

The white and red contrast makes the unique tree shaped floating shelves even more striking than it already is. Complementing the red walls are little red accessories such as red carpet and red sofa pillows. These help to accentuate the red color and make the entire color scheme feels congruent.


Colorful floating shelf on monotone walls

Another concept is to use very colorful floating shelves on black or white walls. In such cases, the shelves become the actual color focus of the room. You can either go with a more darling design of multi colors on a single wall or you can choose a safer choice of having one bold color.


Striking color with unique shape

Another darling combination is to use a very striking color such as red or orange and combine with a unique shape like the one pictured above. Doing so will make your floating shelf the centre of attraction for the entire room. In such cases, care must be taken to not have any other bold designed furniture to avoid over saturating a single space.


Subtle bright colored floating shelves

For folks who want a less striking use of color, you can look for designs that are more subtle, like the one pictured above. In this case, the bright colors are painted on the inside of the modular floating shelf so that there is not too much colors on display.  Another variation of this ideas is to use colored stripes on single color floating shelf to make them colorful without calling too much attention.


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