Black floating shelves for sale

Want to buy some cool black floating shelf for your home, here are 3 great choices that you can find on Amazon. We hand picked these floating shelves that have received good reviews and have a pleasing design style for modern homes. Moreover, all of them can be purchased from Amazon, which typically offers discount prices and free shipping to their customers.

Modular black floating shelves

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These modular black floating shelves offer flexibility in terms of how you want to display them. We recommend them as they are:

  • easy to install
  • affordable
  • sturdy upon installation

However, they are not meant to hold very heavy items so use them more as decorative floating shelves than for storage purposes.


Square floating shelf

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For something a bit more fanciful these square floating shelves can do the job nicely. Each set comes with 3 different sizes that can hold different items.  They are sturdy and can hold heavier items compared to the first choice. However, do note that the color is not black. It is very dark brown or espresso but not pure black.


Black floating shelf for photo frames

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If you need something for holding photo frames, then this set of black floating shelf will be the right choice. They look modern when mounted and is very easy to install (less than 5 minutes to install!).  They can hold very heavy picture frames quite well. In terms of materials, these are made of wood and laminate.


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