8 small office designs you will love

In our previous article, I talked about office equipment for your small home office. Now that you have the basic ingredients, let’s look at the kind of set up you can do. These examples should inspire you and show you how to set up a modern home office without taking too much space.


#1: White home office design

small home office design 1

This is one of my favorite home office design that I often refer to. It uses beautiful white floating shelves as book storage, paired with an equally white office desk. I love the color of the wooden panel as it makes the white more striking and 3 dimensional.

#2: Wooden floating desk

small home office design 2

Using a wooden floating desk adds a rustic feel to your entire home.  Added to that is a nice spacious floating shelf that can store all the necessary books and files. The whole setup doesn’t take up much room and is great for a small apartment.


#3: A really small home office

small home office design 3

For those who are really hard up on floor space, here is one way to create a small home office. Mount a floating shelf with drawers on the wall. Use the door as the office desk and you can save lots of space, not to mention money. However, do note that the weight support is limited so if you want to do this set up, please buy the lightest laptop in the world.


#4: Minimalist home office

small home office design 4

Sometimes, less is more and this is evident in the minimalist design above. Using only black and white colors with very few items, it creates a modern and stylish feel to the whole space, even though the floor area is pretty small. Coupled with such bright lighting, the whole place will be a nice place to work from home.


#5: Stack it close!

small home office design 5

This particular design stacks the furniture really close without it feeling very cluttered. The secret lies in the L shaped office desk that is able to accommodate the sofa as well as additional storage needs below the table. The uniform color scheme adds to the overall appeal of the design.


#6:  Long floating shelf as float desk

small home office design 6

In this concept, the home owner uses a long floating shelf at a height that can be doubled up as a floating desk. It is an incredible smart idea and saves lots of room when setting up your home office. The long shelf also means that there is more space to place more items that might be needed in a home office such as files, printer, books etc.


#7: Hidden home office

small home office design 7

Another way to avoid clutter is to concealed your small home office using simple items such as curtains. In fact, you can even hide your home office within a cardboard when not in use. In this way, you can creating dual purposes for a single space and that is how a small house owner should think.

#8: Nice use of corner space

small home office design 8

One of the best way to set up a home office is to identify an unused spot in your home and use some clever decorating to create the necessary space you need. In the image above, the home owner uses a simple floating shelf to create the desk as well as more floating shelves for the storage. Notice how little floor space has been used through such as design.


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