8 gorgeous modern floating storage

Floating storage is becoming a popular trend among home owners. We have already featured floating drawers and numerous floating shelves.  However, there are more cool ideas coming out from furniture designers everyday. Here are 8 gorgeous modern floating storage design that makes a difference to how your home will look.


Hexagon floating shelf

These hexagon shaped floating shelves will absolutely impress your visitors. Not only do they create plenty of storage room, but their unique shape creates a modern look for your empty wall.


Floating wine shelves

Floating wine shelves are a great way to display your wine collection.  You can arrange them in the way as shown above to create a visually impressive piece of wall decor. Of course, these are purely meant for display. You still have to store your wine properly to preserve their taste.


Triangular floating shelf

A triangular floating shelf with asymmetrical sides makes this piece worthy of being displayed in an art museum.  The big space created within the triangular can also be used to store lots of stuff including books and even ukelele.


Tree shaped floating shelf

If you want something that can act as a center piece for your home, this is it.  Designed by Maria Yasko, it can be used in practically any part of the room that you want to catch people’s attention.  The entire design is inspired by a tree, in case you couldn’t tell from its look 🙂


Bathroom floating sink

Here is a tip to making your bathroom look more modern: use floating sink and bathroom cabinets. Not only will this reduce the use of precious floor space but it makes your bathroom more sophisticated looking.


Modern floating sidebar

We have featured floating shelf as nightstands before. Here is another design that looks modern and beautiful. Featuring a triple curve to create more sections for storing different items.


Elegant floating shelf

Mueller Moebel has created a line of highly desirable floating shelves. These are elegantly designed and are meant to showcase a sense of balance and peacefulness. Great choice for any home that wants a more Zen like atmosphere in the house.


Another modern floating side table

This is the second floating sidetable being featured today but it is hard not to do so. This lovely piece of design uses plenty of curves to bring out the sexiness in this sidebar, making it a very desirable piece of work for your bedroom.


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