7 cool floating desk ideas

My previous article on small floating wall desks for sale has stirred some interest in our readers so I am following it up with another piece featuring some very cool floating desk ideas.  Floating desks are a great way to save some floor space. Moreover, some designs can be kept such that they are hidden from sight when not in use. These fold up wall desks can help to declutter a living space and is particular useful for small houses or small apartments.


Floating desk idea #1: Basic version

Floating desk idea 1

This is a basic floating desk idea that can be seen quite often in many small apartments.  It is easy to do this. Just buy a long floating wall desk, mount it to a corner of your home and you are done. To create more storage, try getting those floating desk with drawers like what is shown above.


Floating desk idea #2: corner floating desk

Corner floating wall desk

A great way to make use of under utilized space is to buy a corner floating wall desk. This design makes full of corner spaces that are often untouched and neglected. The L shape desk in fact can provide more space and a regular rectangle version and is a great choice for those need just a bit more space to work with.


Floating desk idea #3: Minimalist design

Minimalist floating wall desk

This is one of the most minimalist and space saving floating desk. It is small, compact and has a stylish design If you don’t need a lot of working space, this one might just right, especially for those living in small apartments.


Floating desk idea #4: Rustic style

Rustic floating wall desk

If you liked a rustic look, this rustic and modern looking floating wall desk might be what you are looking for. Its contemporary look fits in well with any modern homes.  Paired with a gray wall, it looks absolutely gorgeous.


Floating desk idea #5: Black color

Black floating wall desk

Black floating wall desk are not as commonly seen or use as wood or white colored floating desk. However, they can make a great addition to your home if it fits in well with your overall color scheme, just like how the above picture looks.


Floating desk idea #6: Folding floating desk

folding floating wall desk

Folding or fold up floating desk is a great way to tuck away your floating desk when not in use. This not only space saving but it helps to make your room feels like clutter.


Floating desk idea #7: Glass floating desk

glass floating wall desk

Using glass as the material for floating desk adds sophistication to the decor of your room. The only downside is that you need to wipe the tabletop often to maintain a clean look as finger prints are common on glass surfaces If you don’t mind doing a bit of work, then this piece of floating furniture can be a wonderful addition to your home.


That is it for this article. Hope you enjoy the different cool floating desk ideas. If you any more things to add, feel free to leave a comment.


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