6 floating wall storage ideas

Floating shelves are a form of floating wall storage. They are of course other forms available that you can use to both beautify your wall as well as provide more storage.  In this article, we will take a look at some other ideas that you might want to consider before deciding on buying floating shelves.

#1: Floating wall storage with door

floating wall storage 1

This beautiful piece of floating wall storage comes from Lowes. I don’t how much it costs but my gut feel is that it wouldn’t be cheap to say the least. However, for that kind of design and finishing, it is definitely the money.


#2:  Floating wall cubes

floating wall cubes

These refreshing wall storage cubes add that something extra to your plain old walls without giving up any storage opportunities. Most of the time, these come in bright colors such as lime green. electric blue, yellow etc to add that touch of vibrancy in your home.


#3: Floating shelves with drawer

floating shelves with drawer

Drawers come in very handy to keep out dust and such. These floating shelves with drawers are perfect to be used as nightstands as they can be installed along your bedside.  Unlike other forms of floating storage with no doors or drawers, you can keep some valuable stuff here such as jewelery and the likes.


#4: Floating wall storage with mirrors

floating wall storage with mirrors

This kind of floating storage fits in well with the previous article on floating shelves for bathroom. The mirrors in this case are really useful since most folks spend a lot of time looking at themselves when in the bathroom 🙂 The mirrors also function as doors so they can be used to store items that wouldn’t look nice when displayed such as toilet paper etc.


#5: Floating corner desk with storage drawer

floating corner desk with storage

This beautiful two color floating corner desk comes with 2 floating storage drawers that can allow you to store plenty of work related stuff.  This these storage drawers are useful but as you can see from this article on small floating wall desks, not all of such furniture comes with it.


#6: Floating sink with storage

floating sink with storage

Finally, we have a modern looking floating sink that has plenty of floating wall storage, that can be used to store towels and other toiletries. It is functional and yet stylish. Highly recommended.



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