5 modern floating shelf arrangement ideas

Floating shelves come with lots of flexibility in terms of arrangement options. By using your imagination and creativity, there are lots of options that one can come up when it comes to making a beautiful wall with floating shelves. Below are a few arrangement ideas that can hopefully inspire you to even more ideas.


#1: Lay your floating shelf across the entire room

Most floating shelves occupy part of the wall space. By layering your floating shelf across the entire room, you not only create more storage space but can use the shelf as a form of a visual divider that can segment your wall into different ‘areas’. The above image shows how a dividing floating shelf creates 2 distinct spaces between the top and the bottom.


#2: Corner floating shelf arrangement idea

Another unique way to arrange your floating shelves is to install them in a staggered way at the corners. This not only helps you to make full use of the corner area but also creates a rather interesting way of displaying your items.


#3: Minimalist floating shelf arrangement idea

For those out there who loves minimalist design, you can consider extending that approach to your floating shelf arrangement. Rather than using the clutter way of arranging your shelves, why not use them as artistic items to display your wares. The example above shows how using the minimalist approach can help create an art gallery style of arrangement in your home.


#4: Staggered floating shelf arrangement idea

This idea combines the corner floating shelf idea with and the concept of layering the floating shelf across the entire room. It is a nice decorative style and is great for home who want a Zen looking design.


#5: Asymmetrical floating shelf arrangement

If you want the traditional shelving arrangement, you can try to do it asymmetrical way to make it more interesting.


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