5 how to questions on invisible bookshelf

Invisible bookshelf is a new kind of storage product which is why there are lots of questions about it. In this article, we will answer the 10 most common questions about invisible bookshelf so that you will know what to do with them.


How does the invisible bookshelf work

There is no magic involved with invisible bookshelf although it do look like magic from a observer point of view.  The trick is the thinness of the partitions that are holding the books.  Tradition bookshelf have thick partitions thus allowing you to see the perimeter of the bookshelf. For invisible bookshelf, the partitions are so thin that they are completely hidden by the books, thus making it look like nothing is holding them in the air.


How to install invisible bookshelf

This is a fairly simple procedure. All you need is a screwdriver. Most of the invisible bookshelf in the market should come with its all screws. Simply screw in the partitions at the correct position as shown in the image above. Once that is done, use one book (preferably larger of all the books you are going to stack on the bookshelf) and ‘clipped’ it to the bookshelf. Again, refer to the image above to see what I mean.


How to use invisible bookshelf

Once you have installed the invisible bookshelf, using it is easy. Assuming you have ‘clipped’ the first book as instructed above, you can now stack any books on to of this first book. This is why the first book has to be a bigger book because it needs the surface area to be able to hold these other books on top of it.


How to make your own invisible bookshelf

Making an invisible bookshelf is going to be a bit more troublesome. I have to admit that I don’t know how to do this and I have found an article on instructables.com that teaches you how to make your own invisible bookshelf. Check out the article here.


where to buy invisible bookshelf

This last question is not a how to but it is commonly. I have answered this before. Check out the article here: where to buy invisible bookshelf.



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