4 tips on decoring with black floating wall shelves

Blacking floating wall shelves are a great way to decorate your wall as well as to add more storage to your room.  In this article, we will look at some tips on how to decorate will these black floating shelves.  These are easy to follow tips and will help you during your planning and purchasing phase.


Tip 1:  Match black floating shelf with room colors

Using the basic monotone colors is an easy way to match your floating shelves with the rest of decor. The image above shows you how this can work. In this scenario, a while wall is used while the rest of the furniture items are black in color. This creates a modern look for your home without too much additional expenses.


Tip 2:  Try using black and white floating shelves

For something a bit more experimental, mixing black and white floating shelves is a great way to have a nice wall decoration. The typical is to use a single color. Using 2 colors give your room a modern look and is also more unique.


Tip 3: Full wall or half wall for floating shelves

You can have a choice of using your black floating shelves for half wall or full wall.  I prefer to use half wall in areas where there are stuff under the shelves such as a bed or TV console etc. For empty wall, a full wall of shelves can create lots of storage space as well as to act as a wall feature itself.


Tip 4: Make full use of corner floating shelves to maximize space usage

Corner spaces are usually wasted because you can’t do much with it. Now, if you used corner floating shelves, you can maximize this space and create more storage for your home.


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