4 DIY floating wall desks tutorials to build your own

The great thing about floating desks is that you can DIY them and save some money. In this article, I am going to round up some solid tutorials article for you guys who want to get their hands dirty doing some DIY floating wall desks. I have looked through some of them and the best thing about these tutorials is that the materials are really not that expensive.


#1: DIY floating desk with drawers

DIY floating desk 1

This beautiful and sleek looking floating desk is easy to build and comes with plenty of storage.

See DIY floating desk here.


#2: DIY small floating desk

DIY floating desk 2

Want something that is smaller and space saving? This mini floating desk is built using IKEA furniture and is something that is very affordable but stylish.  It is great for a small workspace.

See DIY floating desk here.


#3: DIY floating home office

DIY floating desk 3

A very detailed step by step tutorial on how to convert a small space in your home into a floating home office. The tutorial contains exactly everything you need from what tools you need to the materials.

See DIY floating desk here.


#4: DIY rustic floating shelf

DIY floating desk 4

A very rustic look for a floating shelf. I love that additional shoe storage has been created below the desk to make full use of the empty space. Such practices should be encourage throughout the house if you need more storage areas to work with.

See DIY floating desk here.


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