4 bedroom floating shelves ideas

Floating shelves in bedroom can serve as both storage solution as well as decorative pieces. Depends on how you arrange the shelves and the kind of designs that you use, they can be a powerful way change the look of your plain bedroom wall. In this article, I will be showing you the different bedroom floating shelves ideas such that you can draw some inspirations from them.


#1:  Use invisible bookshelves

bedroom floating shelves ideas 1

This particular bedroom design uses one of the ideas I have covered before: invisible bookshelf. It creates a unique wall feature that will surely raised questions from your visitors. Not only that, the invisible bookshelves are cheap to buy so they wouldn’t dent a big hole in your decorating budget.


#2: Floating shelves by bedside

bedroom floating shelves ideas 2

Another common way to use floating shelves is to replace it by your beside. I have suggested using floating shelves as nightstands before but you can also use them as a way to display your collection such as toys or comics. This way, you will never be far away from your hobbies 🙂


#3: Use wooden floating shelves for a warm look

bedroom floating shelves ideas 3

There is a great idea for a girl’s bedroom. You can pair up wooden floating shelves with some tree wall art to recreate the nature look on the wall. The end result is pretty unique and gives the room a warm and cozy look.

#4: Floating shelves above bed

bedroom floating shelves ideas 4

Another cool place to use decorative floating shelves is at the top of the bed. It creates a nice feature wall effect but wouldn’t cost you as much money as a real feature wall. The complexity of the design is entirely up to you. You can do a simple 3 row elegant design like the image above or a more bookshelf concept like the image below.

bedroom floating shelves ideas 5


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