10 floating shelf decor ideas

Floating shelves are a great way to save space as well as to decorate your way. In recent years, floating shelves decor ideas have change from a simple shelf to complicated wall patterns. In this article, we will look at 10 floating shelf decorating ideas that can hopefully inspire you to create your own great decorating idea.


# Idea 1: Floating shelf as desk

Who says floating shelves must function as a bookshelf or a display shelf? This idea uses the lower floating shelf as a desk while also allowing the upper shelf to be used as a traditional display shelf. Practical, sleek and modern. Perfect for a minimalist home. This design is created by Victor Vasilev from Milan and is for MDF Italia.


# Idea 2: Floating shelf as wall decorations

Some floating shelves are not meant to store lots of items. You can use them as wall decorative pieces like the one shown above. In this case, these unique bird floating shelves add a nice touch to the clean looking room without been too over bearing.


#Idea 3: Invisible floating shelves

Taking the minimalist approach to the extreme, this floating shelf has been designed to give the illusion that there is nothing supporting the books. Cleverly designed by Umbra, I called this the invisible floating shelf idea. It is a great piece of design that I am sure will wow your visitors.


#Idea 4: Curved floating shelf as doorframe

Curved floating shelves can be used to create different decorative patterns on your wall. In the example above, you can see how the curved floating shelf is made to look like a doorframe. While unique, this is not the best way to make full use of your wall space for storage purpose.


#Idea 5: Curved floating shelf as bookshelf

Using a curved floating shelf as a bookcase is a much better way to use the wall as storage. It also allow you to install more floating shelves per wall.


#Idea 6: Artistic floating shelf

If you want a more artistic feel with the floating shelves, the above is a good example of how to achieve this effect. By installing the shelves in a non symmetrical manner, you create a sense of uniqueness and style. Adding some chic items onto the shelves will give them even more artistic sense.


#Idea 7: Led glass floating shelf

For a more modern and futuristic feel, using this LED glass floating shelf can give your home that kind of look. During the day, these shelves will look like any other glass shelves but come the night and you will see a big difference in how they look.


#Idea 8: Floating shelves for living room

For basic utilitarian style, you can simply lay the shelves out as shown in the image above. This will give your living room the maximum amount of storage space. The trick here is to avoid over cluttering the items on the floating shelves so that the entire living room doesn’t look cramped.


#Idea 9: Corner floating shelf

To maximise your wall space, one way is to use these corner floating shelves that can take advantage of the cranks and hooks between walls.


#Idea 10:  Use floating shelf to bridge spaces

Another interesting way to use floating space is to use them as bridges, to connect 2 different spaces. In the example above, a floating shelf is used to bridge between the kitchen and the living room.


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