10 beautiful floating shelf for books

Most floating shelves are used for books. This is why we are seeing so many cool designs that are currently being available in the market. Unlike conventional book shelves, floating book shelves give a modern feel to the home. If you are looking to buy a book floating book shelf, check out the following 10 cool designs below.

#1: Floating shelf made of books

This floating book floating shelf was created because the creators did not want to waste a bunch of good books they received as presents. Hence, the not-tom.com team created a floating shelf made up of book. This is a very interesting concept: a shelf made of books that is meant to store books.


You can create similar effects by using this invisible bookshelf that you can easily buy from Amazon at very affordable prices.

invisible floating bookshelves for sale

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#2: Floating bookends

This is a clever concept that use bookends as floating bookshelves. The name of this creation is called the Flybrary. By making the bookends to hold only a single book, it transforms into a floating shelf bookends. Clever and very unique.


#3: Curved floating bookshelf

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A rather unique curved floating shelf for books. You can staggered a few of these on your wall to create a visually powerful design that will draw the attention of your visitors.


#4: Grass floating bookshelf

For those who want more greenery in their homes, this grass floating shelf for books should be what you need. I have never seen a similar design anywhere so the only place you can buy it is from www.mocha.uk.com.


#5: Tree floating bookshelf

Another design that is related to nature. This tree floating shelf not only looks unique but has plenty of storage room for you to place lots of books on top of it.


#6: Sleek floating bookshelf

A thin and sleek floating bookshelves that can be used at both office or at home. Their U shapes allow these bookshelves to hold quite a bit of books.


#7: TEEbooks by Mauro Canfori

This design is called the TEEbooks by Mauro Canfori. Probably due to the way the shape of the floating shelves look like the letter T when you look from the sideways.


#8: Sexy Bookshelf by Arunkumar Francis

A playful floating bookshelf design that plays on the word “SEX”.  The designer is known for his unusual design styles and his piece is definitely another one of his brainchild. Great for folks who likes a sense of playfulness in their homes.


#9: Bookworm bookshelf

Known as the bookworm, this floating bookshelf has the ability to be shaped into many different things according to your design. It can be made into a single big loop or it can be many small loops. I have one of these at home and it never failed to draw praises from my visitors.


#10: Plumber pipes floating bookshelf

I found this creative design at Etsy.com. It is a handmade floating bookshelf that uses plumber pipes as the concept for the entire piece. A rather interesting take on the conventional floating bookshelf design.



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